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Misi Public Gold Selamatkan Masyarakat

April 11, 2023

pengasas public gold pg group dato wira louis ng 2021

Mulianya niat founder Public Gold, Dato Wira Louis Ng sejak hari pertama beliau membangunkan Public Gold.

Iaitu nak bantu masyarakat selamatkan kekayaan mereka dengan emas. Dan elakkan mereka jatuh lingkup dalam pelaburan.


Inilah catatan yang beliau tulis ketika banyak yang sedang kemaruk "leverage" (melabur dengan cara berhutang), yang mana beliau sendiri sudah lihat depan matanya sendiri bagaimana ia merosakkan kehidupan banyak orang bila jatuh lingkup dalam pelaburan.

Saya copy paste apa yang beliau tulis di wall Facebook beliau pada 9 April 2023 yang lalu:

Main reason public gold was set up.

Suddenly I recall one of the main reason I started public gold on year 2008 to trade only physical gold is because during my time as a remisier (stock broker) from year 1995 (age 27 years old) till 2005, I saw too many of my clients lost all their hard earn money thru speculation and investing in stock especially those margin accounts (50% or 2X) trader.

Their chance of winning almost equal to zero.

I believe the same percentage apply to forex (3% or 30X) and commodities (7% or 13X) traders as well.

Therefore the main principle Public Gold held until today is for all Public Gold customers are we don't belief in trading and speculating in our system. 

We believe in customers buy our gold and take their physical gold back (1 to 1, no gearing) to keep then forget about it.

In-line with Public Gold’s tagline many years ago“Ultimate Wealth Protector”.

Because my experience tell me once we involved in trading and speculation our mind will never be calm, (especially the amount of money involve is too big for us to handle psychologically, worst if it is involved margin trading, borrow money).

Very often we will wake up at the middle of the night (2.00 am to 5.00 am) to look at the New York trading screen, can you imagine if the market move drastically against our position, how are we going to fall back to sleep?

Can you imagine how it will affects our customers normal daily life and their job or profession or their businesses if we are in this type of trade.

Therefore after 16 years in physical gold trading we still belief Public Gold provides the best for our customers (one million of them, majority don’t understand the risk involved in margin trading) in-term of value in their investment and protected them from ruin in their personal and family financially and emotionally.

This is the main reason and main responsibility make us belief in physical gold forever.

Save your family, buy gold.
Help our nation, keep gold.
Follow your religion, use gold.

Louis Ng July 2009

Mudah-mudahan bermanfaat.

11 April 2023
20 Ramadhan 1444H

Tentang Penulis

Mohd Zulkifli Shafie

Penulis buku bestseller; Wang Emas, dan Misi Bebas Hutang.

Menulis tentang kewangan sejak 2008. Berpengalaman membimbing lebih 7,000 penyimpan emas secara peribadi di Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore dan Brunei sejak 2010.

Merupakan pengasas G100 Network; network terbesar dealer Public Gold (syarikat pengeluar emas terbesar di Malaysia), yang memberikan servis kepada lebih 500,000 penyimpan emas di seluruh Asia Tenggara.

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